Should I upgrade to the new Samsung s8

Apr 21, 2017 | Phones

The anticipated Samsung s8 phone is finally OUT! Many of us may notice our friends and family are jumping on the bandwagon to get this new slick phone, which hopefully will not blow up in their face, similar to its predecessor. I hope many of you have also noticed, consumerism has taken over the world. It does not matter anymore if the phone is going to be used to the best of its ability or not, people will buy it just because it is a newer model/version. They have to be the first one to get it, even though the earlier version is just working fine. In this day and age, the consumers subconsciously feel the pressure of being left out and end up buying the best and the brightest products even if they cannot possibly afford them. It almost feels like this trend has transformed into a race!

We must have accidentally taken a wrong turn during the process of our evolution. It practically feels like we have evolved to be too gullible, nobody has enough time to think it through. On the other hand, I do think the fault is not entirely ours, I think we have been the victims of very well done marketing campaigns over the years, we have been brainwashed. For example, most of us still believe the expensive shiny diamonds are rare, we still believe buying a ring to propose to a girl is what we are supposed and expected to do, it has been planted slowly in our brains throughout our lives by the big greedy corporations to progressively grow their profits.

Anyway, let’s get into the main discussion.

Should you upgrade to the new Samsung s8 smartphone?

Samsung s8 Iris Retina
Absolutely not!

Samsung s8 phones are nearly identical to the Samsung s7 range. They have not revolutionized anything on this new model other than the batteries. They had to come up with a new way of using lithium batteries in their phones because of the incidents of last year with Samsungs Note 7 range (2016).

To Summaries the differences, please look at the table below, only highlighted rows with light orange colors have differences/new features with Samsung s8 phones:

Samsung s7 Samsung s8
Dimensions 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm
Display/Screen Size 5.1 inches 5.8 inches
Internal Storage 32 GB 64 GB
Memory (RAM) 4 GB 4 GB
Primary Camera 12 MP 12 MP
Secondary Camera 5 MP 8 MP
Sensors Iris Scanner
Battery 3000 mAh 3000 mAh

Other than the CPU, camera, and general upgrades, the Samsung s8 is identical to Samsung s7. However, the new Samsung s8 looks very appealing with its new design without boundaries. The phone looks slicker than ever with almost all of the bezel removed. It is screen only with the smooth and continuous surface. In terms of design, we got to hand it to them; they have started a new trend for the smartphones to come in the future.

The other exciting feature Samsung has integrated is called Bixby. It’s a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that has been incorporated into the phone. It works in similar ways to Siri on iOS platforms but better. It learns the way you use your smartphone and anticipates your use throughout the day and makes recommendations. For example, It will automatically display your schedule for the day in the morning, all of the reminders will pop out on the screen in the evening and will pop up a reminder to set up the alarm at night.

There is one other amazing feature of Bixby that will blow your mind and it is its capability of image recognition for searches. “When you’re lost for words, open the camera and Bixby will search for you.” – Samsung. For example, if you take a picture of a flower and you do not know the name of it, you can search it with Bixby and it will show you similar recommendations. It rivals the image search AI of Google image searches. Click here to learn more from the Samsung website.

Bixby is in its early stages. We won’t be wrong to assume that it will not perform at its best in the first couple of months. In addition, I have a suspicion that it will be available for use for all of the Samsung phones and tablets with newer software updates.

Personally, I do not find any differences between the Samsung s7 and s8. I do not think it is worth buying it if you already have the Samsung s7 phone. On the other hand, for people on a tight budget should look into Samsung A5 (2017). It rivals the specifications of Samsung s7 but cheaper. Check out my review of Samsung s7 vs Samsung A5.


Please let me know what you guys think of the new Samsung s8.



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