IELTS Writing: Useful Phrases (Part 1)

Apr 24, 2017 | English

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1Useful phrases for stating the opinion:


  • To me….
  • In my opinion….
  • It seems to me that….
  • From my point of view / from my viewpoint….
  • To my understanding….
  • It appears to me….
  • In my view….


It seems to me that working from home can be distracting.
In my opinion, fast food is very unhealthy.
From my point of view, physical education is important.

As most of you already know, connective and transitional words are highly regarded in the IETLS writing component. Below we focus on phrases that one can use for the purpose of explanation.

2For explanations use these phrases:


  • In other words….
  • Namely….
  • For example….
  • For instance….
  • To clarify / to illustrate….
  • As an example….

If you want to explain something further or add more information, the following phrases are handy:

  • Additionally….
  • In addition….
  • Furthermore….
  • Moreover….
  • On top of that….


Using a computer primarily exposes you to a large source of information. In addition, computers have become so integrated into our modern society, that it is difficult to get far without them.

One can find almost anything on the Internet. For example, one can instantly search recipes and learn to cook. On top of that, students have access to a large database of knowledge.

Computers are so widely utilised that it is almost impossible to find a job without being able to use them. Furthermore, scientists have been able to solve numerous problems with the aid of computers.

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