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Jun 5, 2017 | English

Learning a new language can be a difficult process especially when it is very different from the language you speak every day. As with mastering anything in life, we need to invest a continuous amount of time and effort to it regularly. One of the ways you can invest time to get better at the English language is by reading more. Today, I want to highlight some of the important ways of reading and why it is crucial in improving your English quicker.

1 Read something that interests you

Reading can be a pain in the neck and you may ask “Why should I read when I could watch a video or a movie about it?” The answer to this question is to do both. Watching videos or movies are also great ways of improving English. However, They can be too quick for you to process all of the information provided.

In another hand, you can take your time reading something that interests you. You can do it whenever you get 5 minutes to spare. May it be during your break or commute to work. I know reading is boring for some people and personally; I am not a big fan of it either. However, I have realised the importance of it over the years. Hence, the reason I say, “Read something that interests you”. Reading something random can be boring, however, when you find a book or an article that grasps your attention or something that you always wanted to learn, jump right into it.

There are various ways of acquiring free reading materials. You could go on Google and essentially search for any topic to access free materials such as online articles or blogs. In addition, with the help of smartphones and tablets these days, you should be able to download free eBooks from the app stores. You will be amazed how many eBooks are listed for free on the app stores.

free ebooks from the appstore

2 Read it out loud

When you are reading materials that interests you and especially when you are first starting out, try to read it out loud. Please make sure doing so does not disturb the people around you.

Now you may be thinking “Why should I be reading out loud?”. Reading words and sentences out loud sharpens your focus, forces you to pronounce the words and doing so makes you aware of your pronunciations. In addition, it can also help you realise the flow of punctuation used and sentence structure. Believe it or not, it also helps you gain confidence in speaking and improves your listening skills.

With technologies available within hand’s reach, you can now use your smartphone to record yourself while reading a material out loud and play it back for self-assessment.

recording for self-assesment

3 Highlight the words that are new to you

It is likely that no one truly knows all of the words in English Dictionary and their meanings unless they have a photographic memory. Everyone comes across new words while reading. Therefore, it is very important that you highlight the words that are new to you. This could also mean that you probably do not know the correct way of pronouncing them either. Therefore it is a good idea to have access to a dictionary or make use of your smartphones and tablets.

These days pretty much everyone have a smartphone with them; it has become a necessity of our lives. One of the best things about it is the free applications that can be downloaded from the app store or Google play store.

I have downloaded one of the free offline dictionaries with pronunciation from the Google play store. Click here for the link. Every time you come across new words or certain words that do not make sense to you, type it in on your mobile dictionary app. This way you are learning the meaning of the words right away and increasing your vocabulary. In addition, it is worthwhile to get an app with built-in pronunciation as it also prepares you to pronounce the words correctly.


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