Samsung S7 vs Samsung A5 (2017)

Mar 29, 2017 | Phones

Samsung has brought yet another new galaxy range mobile phone in the market and it is called Samsung Galaxy A5. Most of the people might not be aware of this product as it looks like Samsung has not put too much emphasis on marketing this particular model of the phone. Today we will be looking into Samsung A5 phone and how it measures up to the famous Samsung s7.

Note: This is the stable phone; the ones that had problems were the Samsung Galaxy S7 Note range.

Similar to most of the galaxy phones, Samsung A5 is also water and dust resistant. It is listed as IP68 certified – dust/water proof over 1.5 meters and 30 minutes. This added feature of the phone is nothing new with the galaxy range, Samsung phones have been water and dust resistant since the launch of galaxy S5 models. Except for the S6 range, I am not entirely sure what approach they were trying to take in that particular year, as it is clearly a handy feature. Anyway, let us continue with the comparisons and why the features available are advantageous for us, the consumers.


The price of the phone is the key motivator for most of us trying to buy/use smartphones these days.

Samsung s7 was released in March of 2016 and it is still listed as $999 AUD for the outright purchase on their website as of March 2017. It is still expensive considering it came out 1 year ago, however it is just a standard marketing strategy before they launch a new product.

Samsung A5 in another hand can be bought outright from Samsung website for $649 as of 2017 March. Samsung A5 is pretty much an S7 version 2 with many upgrades and similarities, which I will outline on the following points.


For most of the users today, we use smartphones only to take pictures, to use social media, texts and a few phone calls. When comparing built-in camera megapixels between the two phones, I was surprised to find out Samsung A5 has 16MP oppose to 12MP of S7. More surprisingly, with the new model of A5, Samsung have understood the necessity of better cameras for selfies in our day-to-day selfie obsessed life. In addition, the A5 has 16MP of secondary camera oppose to 5MP of secondary camera for the S7. Be ready to capture more contagious smiles to make the world a happier and healthier place.

3Water & Dust Resistant

When using these newer phones, be careful with the keyword “Resistant”. We have to be extremely careful as to what they mean by it. Many of us may be mistaken for this being “Waterproof” and become careless and carefree. I would strongly suggest users enjoy the freedom of it being water resistant, however, please try not to dip it in water to test it out. It basically gives you a bit of freedom from worrying about those little things in life, like the splashes of water or using your phone for a quick call or text when there is light rain.


This is the only category where you can find the S7 to be a little superior as it has 4GB of RAM oppose to 3 GB of RAM on A5 and a bit inferior processor than S7.

Again, for the user with a budget in mind and for the general task such as calls, text and browsing Internet on the phone, it should be the perfect little gadget for you. These smartphones are much faster than some of the computers we use these days.

6Similarities between the phones

There are many similarities between the phones, from battery life to sensors, to features such as fast charging. For the users who want to go in-depth about both phones and compare as to what is the best option available should visit this website: GSMarena.


Please let us know if you guys agree or disagree with our comparison. Furthermore, what phone you would like to see us compare next?



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